Machiasport Clam Diggers

machiasport clam diggersResident License
Albee, Brandon
Berry, Wade
Boyton, Robert
Bridges, Chris
Bridges, Derek
Bridges, Edmund
Bridges, Jeremy
Bridges, John
Campbell, James
Colbeth, Farrell
Coffin, Frank
Colbeth, Cody
Colbeth, Darren
Colbeth, Evan
Colbeth, Warren Jr.
Davis, Ethan
Decatur, David
Decatur, Stephen
Dray, John II
Erickson, Justin
Faas, Kenneth
Garner, Chris
Gatcomb, Chad
Grant, Janice
Gray, Jared
Guptill, Maurice
Hawkins, Beth
Hawkins, James
Holmes, Ronny
Holmes, William Jr.
Howard, Chris
Huckins, Dallas
Kilton,Colby Jr.
Leighton, Tina
Libby, Breen
Millay, Robert Jr.
Millay, Ryan
Moore, Bruce
Moore, Horace
Moore, Robert
Moore, Timothy
Moore, William
Murphy, Michael II
Olsen, Brian
Pettegrow, Kerry
Pettegrow, Wayne
Polk, Josh
Popham, Gail
Popham, Willie
Preston, Dale
Richardson, Gary Sr.
Richardson, Robert Jr.
Richardson, Robert Sr.
Robinson, Wayne
Schencks, Kirby
Schmauderer, Joan
Schoppee, Ryan
Schors, Gregory
Spencer, Jordan
Sprague, Peter
Stevens, Whitney
White, Eugene
Wood, Alfred
Wood, Barry Sr.
Wood, Chad
Wood, Christopher
Wood, Clayton Jr.
Wood, Clayton Sr.
Wood, Craig
Wood, Gerald
Wood, Jeremy
Wood, Jesse
Wood, Joshua
Wood, Lanny
Wood, Larry
Wood, Nicholas
Wood, Owen
Wood, Timothy
Wood, Troy
Wood, Zach
Wright, Sasha

Resident – Student License
Bagley, John
Kilton, Joseph
Maker, Jacob
Schoppee, Jacob
Wallin, Andrew
White, Timothy

Resident Under 14
Erickson, Aidan
Erickson, Gavin
Farnsworth, Justin
Wood, Andon

Shellfish Research Project- Dr. Brian Beal, UMM

Dr. Brian Beal, a marine ecology professor and researcher at the University of Maine at Machias and resident of Machiasport has recently been awarded a $100,000 Research Grant from the University of Maine System. The Research Project aims to improve aquaculture methods for growing blue mussels and artic surf clams. Dr. Beal will lead the research project. The project seeks to improve methods for growing blue mussels and artic surf clams. The project allows the research team lead by Dr. Beal to examine the production potential for both species. This will be done by using current aquaculture methods and test alternative techniques in an effort to realize consistent results in both the hatchery and field impact on the diversification and enhancement of Maine’s commercial shellfish industry. Dr. Beal will partner with Cookes’ Aquaculture in Eastport and Machiasport to examine seeding techniques for the blue mussel. The artic surf clam lives in the Gulf of Maine. This commercial fishery for this species has not yet been established in the Maine. It is however, harvested in eastern Nova Scotia off the Grand Bank. The artic surf clam is considered a delicacy in Asia and other parts of the world due to its nutritional appeal and the brilliant orange color of its foot when it is cooked. If successful this research could be harvested along our shores and create jobs.