Machiasport First Congregational Church

Congregational Church

Congregational Church

Machiasport First Congregational Church is a magnificently steepled Federal style church built in 1828. The Church is one of several locally significant historic churches that define Machiasport historic villages and hamlets. The traditional white church in Machiasport marks 182 years as a landmark near the center of the Village of Machiasport. The church rises to neighbors and visitors from far and near even to those arriving by sea. This majestic church still serves a congregation that gathers for worship in a religious tradition that came to America along with the earliest Pilgrims. Structural and finishing repairs are needed however to protect the steeple from further decay and to restore it to its former grandeur. Congregational Church Machiasport has stood tall for 182 years! Many residents of Machiasport are buried in the historic cemetery located next to the church. For further information call 207-255-0772 or email

congregational  Cong-Church

congoFor more information about the Steeple Fund contact Jeannie Quimby, Steeple Fund Coordinator at P.O Box 356 Machiasport, Me 04655.


Larrabee Baptist Church

Larrabee-Church-THENLarrabee Baptist Church was built between 1874 and 1880. The Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 1990The Church is active and its facilities are in excellent condition. The belfry was renovated by local craftsmen in 2012.

Larrabee-Church-2012 Larrabee-Church

Machiasport Baptist Church on the East Side

Baptist-Church-of-East-MachiasportMachiasport Baptist Church (East Side Church, was referred to as “the church across the river,” it was located on the East Side of Machiasport. Built in 1823-4, it was one of the earliest existing churches in the Machias area. A Bi-Sesquicentennial Celebration was held on July 31, 1876. The church has since been torn down; however the site still contains a historic graveyard, the church bell and a plaque marking the church’s former location.

Machiasport-Baptist-East-Side-1 East-Side-Cem-Bell-monument

Starboard Baptist Church

#1-Starboard-Church#5-Starboard-ChurchThe Starboard Baptist Church was built by Jesse Brown. It burned down on April 1, 1930.


Bucks Harbor Baptist Church

The work on the original Bucks Harbor Baptist on Port Road began in 1892 and the first meeting held in it was a dedication for the new church building on March 18, 1896. The church was demolished in 2000 and replaced with the current church on Ridge Road. The bell on the front lawn of the new church on Ridge Road is the original church bell from Cincinnati Bell Company from 1897. On July 13, 2013 the church will hold a 250th Anniversary Celebration Supper. The Church will celebrate the part that Bucks Harbor Baptist Church has played in our community of Machiasport. Doris Ingalls is currently the oldest member who will be 94 in March, and she has been associated with the church her whole life and currently resides in her own home in Bucks Harbor.

Bucks Harbor Baptist Church

Bucks-Harbor-Baptist-Church#6-Bucks-Harbor-ChurchDemolished in 2000 New Church built on Ridge Road

New Bucks Harbor Baptist Church

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness Church

Kingdom-HallThe Kingdom Hall-Jehovah Witness Church is located on Rim Road in Machiasport. Kingdom Hall, Jehovah’s Witness Church- The first Jehovah Witness Church in Washington County was built in the early 60’s in East Machias. The Kingdom Hall-Jehovah Witness Church on the Rim Road was built by volunteers in just three days.