larrabee cove packing company workers

Larrabee Cove Packing Company workers

The Larrabee’s and Petterow’s settled in Larrabee Cove . Many settlers came down the river from Machias. The settlers worked long days, usually in one of the many water-dependent businesses including the sardine factories, and a smokehouse located at Indian Cove. The smokehouse employed residents from the other four Districts. Clarks Point was a popular residential area. Larrabee had its own schoolhouse. The Larrabee Baptist Church was built between 1874 and 1880.

Many residents of Larrabee today are either fishermen, work at a local businesses, or travel out of town to their workplace. The schoolhouse and smokehouse are gone. The Larrabee Church has a new addition and many repairs to ensure that it remains as the central landmark for years to come. The belfry was rebuilt and placed back on the church in 2012.