libby island light

Libby Island Light

Starboard Village, located at the end of the Peninsular of Machiasport served as a point of access for the many island settlers off the coast. The Ingalls’s family was one of the early settlers. Weirs were located on many of its beautiful beaches. Wharfs served as an access point to the mainland. Jasper Beach, located in Howard Cove, housed a weir. The Starboard District also had a Baptist Church, Store, Firehouse and a schoolhouse. The Libby Island Light Station was ordered built in 1822 by President James Monroe.

Today the weirs are gone . There are several licensed sites for finfish and Cooke’s Aquaculture located off Stone Island, Ingalls Island, and Cross Island. Jasper Beach is now a Town Park and many visitors enjoy the salt water marsh, and many lagoons as well as searching for jasper stones, A Fire House and the Starboard Schoolhouse remain as historic jewels, however the Starboard Baptist Church burned on April 1, 1930.

The following photos are by Susan Schmid, Machiasport resident .