The Vision: Machiasport 2030

As stated in the 2009 Comprehensive Plan

Machiasport’s Villages and Hamlets
Overall, Machiasport in 2030 will look much as it does today. Each of Machiasport’s village areas and neighborhoods will maintain its own unique character. Bucks Harbor should continue to function as working waterfront. The harbor will continue to be used by a variety of marine uses, including traditional fisheries, recreational boating and aquaculture.

Bucks Harbor Public Pier will continue to be a valued community resource. Bucks Harbor will continue to be a center of employment in Machiasport and local residents will continue to find year-round employment in seafood processing and marine businesses. Some new businesses – such as small retail stores and restaurants – may add to the mix of economic activity.

The Town of Machiasport wishes to retain its marine and natural resource-based industries, its scenic and natural beauty and its small-town way of life. At the same time, Machiasport in 2030 should remain affordable to a diversity of people, young and old, fishermen and office workers, newcomers and longtime residents. We envision that in 2030, fishing and seafood process will continue to be an important source of employment for Machiasport residents. Growth in seafood processing will primarily occur near existing marine infrastructure in and around Bucks Harbor.

Infrastructure improvements including an alternate truck route around the Village, pedestrian, dredging of Bucks Harbor, a small marina and appropriate development of wind power will make Machiasport a more pleasant place to live and do business. New retail businesses including both those that cater to local residents and to tourism will be attracted to town – providing additional opportunities for year-round employment.

In 2030, Machiasport’s scenic coastal resources and quality of life will also continue to attract new residents and seasonal visitors. Many Machiasport residents will continue to find employment in nearby communities. A restored Liberty Hall will be a point of community pride and place where both newcomers and long-time residents will come together for community events. Trails and other recreational facilities developed at a new

Town Park (located near the Town Office) will provide enhanced outdoor recreation opportunities for all residents.

The public will enjoy continued access to Machiasport’s special places for a diversity of residents and purposes. Through on-going voluntary partnerships with landowners and other efforts, working waterfront access will be available to those who make their living on the sea. And through a mix of public and private efforts, recreational access will be enhanced for kayaking, beachcombing and the enjoyment of scenic vistas.