East Side

East Side of Machiasport

east side barrens

An East Side Blueberry field shows off its fall colors

The East Side of Machiasport is located across the Machias River. The Munson’s, Crocker’s, Libby’s were some of the early settlers. Some landmarks included May Holmes Cove, a schoolhouse on top of Libby Hill, a wharf and smokehouse in Cottage Cove, a saw mill at Pot Head and, a small store at the Narrows. Residents would row across the river to work in the factories and smokehouses or to go to the post office, store and community activities held at Liberty Hall. The Bangs Cottage on Long Point served as a Boat House. The Boat House was also referred to as the “The Promise Land.” It is said that the property was purchased for $1200. There were many gatherings and picnics, socials and evenings of dancing.

Today one travels to the East Side of Machiasport by car to enjoy the many coves and to visit family and friends. The Boat House at Long Point is now owned by Washington Academy. Machiasport clam diggers can still dig on both sides of the river. The Point of Flats near clam rock remains popular clam flat with the diggers. The “East Siders” still travel to the Village Port to do town business at the town office, go to the post office, and to attend town meetings or vote.

The following pictures are by Susan Schmid, Machiasport resident.