Elected & Appointed Officials

 Board of Selectmen

Elected to serve a 3 year Term
Brian Smith, Chairman,  Term ends 2017 – Telephone:  255-4508
Jeffrey Davis, Term ends 2018 – Telephone: 255-0628

Jeffery Henderson, Term ends 2019 – Telephone:  259-6200

Town Clerk/Treasurer/Deputy Tax Collector


Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Marcia Hayward –  Telephone: 255-4516

The Town Clerk is responsible for the Administrative work in the custody of Town records. Work is performed in accordance with the Town ordinances and State and Federal laws with a high degree of independence and general supervision of the Board of Selectmen.

The Treasurer is responsible for the day to day handling and oversight of all monies collected by the Town.

Tax Collector/Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer/Deputy Registrar of Voters

Tax Collector Appointed by Board of Selectmen/Deputy Positions Appointed by Town Clerk

Susan Tilney  – Telephone: 255-4516

The Deputy Town Clerk’s/Deputy Treasurer’s duties are varied.  She assists the Town Clerk in the collection and record-keeping of various taxes, fees and licenses.

The Tax Collector is responsible for the administrative and fiscal work in the collection and handling of Town funds.

Assessor’s Agent

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Jim Clark – Telephone: 255-4516/259-3433
Hours available: Friday 9:30 – 4:00 p.m. at Town Office

Code Enforcement Officer/Plumbing Inspector

Appointed by the Board of Selectmen
James Bradley – Telephone: 255-8874

The Code Enforcement Officer reports to the Board of Selectmen and advises the Planning Board at their regular meetings. He/she is responsible for the inspection of plumbing, electrical systems, construction and maintenance and the monitoring of permits for code violations. Considerable effort is involved in the technical examination of structural plans and plot plans preparatory to the issuance of building permits.

Road Commissioner

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Peter Sprague – Telephone: 255-5005/Cell:  263-5374

Road Crew

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Peter Sprague – Telephone: 255-5005/ Cell:  263-5374

Robert Boynton

Blake Olsen


Registrar of Voters

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Marcia Hayward – Telephone: 255-4516

The registrar maintains the voter list and files, provides accurate information on voters, certify status of absentee voters, and attends party caucuses to register voters and hold office hours.

Harbor Master

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Wade Day 1-year Term – Telephone: 255-6138

Shellfish Warden

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Jonathan Rolfe 1 year term – Cell: 263-6527

The Shellfish Conservation Ordinance regulates the harvesting of soft shell clams. The Maine Department of Marine Resources promulgates regulations that detail the standards that local shellfish ordinances must meet in order to be approved, and the Shellfish Warden enforces the Ordinance and state laws.

Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
David Neilson – Telephone: 255-3917/ Cell:  263-6099

Assistant Fire Chief

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Danny Sprague – Telephone: 255-4964
Michael Hinerman – Cell: 263-5990

Animal Control Officer

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Danny Scott – Cell: 263-7692

The Animal Control Officer’s work involves animal control activities, including responding to complaints, and the capture and transportation of stray animals.

Trash Removal

Peter Sprague – Telephone: 255-5005/ Cell:  263-5374

Inland Fisheries and Wild Life Warden

State Police Dispatch – Telephone: 973-3700


Hired by Board of Selectmen
Stephen Hopkins – Telephone: 885-5038

Planning Board

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Michael Hinerman, Chair (2016-2019) 3-year Term – Cell: 263-5990
Jimmy Clark (2016-2019) 3-year Term – Telephone:  259-3433
Jeff Huntley (2014-2017) 3-year Term – Telephone: 255-8033

Karl Kurz (2017-2020) 3-year Term – Telephone:
Richard Jordan (2016-2018) 2-year Term – Telephone:259-7789

Susan Tilney, Secretary – Telephone: 255-4516

Ordinance Committee

Purpose of the Ordinance Committee is to review and revise the town ordinances specifically but not limited to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance and Map.

Appointed by Board of Selectmen

Robert Mercer – Telephone (207)271-0265

Jeffrey Davis – Telephone 255-0628

Rick Heller – Telephone 255-8673

Board of Appeals

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Michael Murphy II (2015-2018) 3 -year Term – Telephone: 255-8288
Susan West (2016-2019) 3-year Term – Telephone: 255-6684
Betsy Fitzgerald, Chair (2016-2019) 3-year Term – Cell: 263-4386
Hugh Taylor (2014-2017) 3-year Term – Telephone: 255-4759

Deborah Nielsen (2015-2018) 3-year Term – Telephone:  255-3917

Board of Assessors

Jeffrey Davis Term ends 2018 – Telephone: 255-0628
Brian Smith Term ends 2017 – Telephone:  255-4508

Jeffery Henderson Term ends 2019 – Telephone:  259-6200

Shellfish Conservation Committee

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
Michael Murphy II – Telephone: 255-8288
Whitney Stevens – Telephone: 598-5747
Robert Boynton – Telephone: 271-0254
Jared Gray – Telephone: 480-0321

Robert Millay – Telephone:  255-


Maritime/Harbor Committee

Appointed by Board of Selectmen
John Polk – 1-year Term – Telephone: 255-4546

Robert Ingalls – 1 year Term – Telephone: 255-3418
Mark Sprague – 1-year Term – Telephone: 255-1061
Jim Sherman – 1-year Term – Telephone: 259-3901
Wade Day, Harbor Master- Telephone:  255-6138

AOS School Committee

AOS School Committee – Elected
Rose Williams, Chair,  Term ends 2019 – Telephone: 255-6946/263-8500 (c)
Jeff Chick, Term ends 2015 – Telephone: 255- 0646
Dawn Link, Term ends 2017 – Telephone: 255- 8329

AOS Board

Appointed by School Board
Rose Williams – Term ends 2016 – Telephone: 255-6946/263-8500 (c)

Superintendent of Schools

Appointed by School Board
Scott Porter – Telephone: 255-6585

State Legislative Representatives

Representative: William R. Tuell
Address: 431 Hadley Lake Road, East Machias, Maine 04630
Cell Phone: (207) 271-8521
State House E-Mail: Will.Tuell@legislature.maine.gov
Legislative Web Site: www.maine.gov/legis/house/hsebios/tuelwr.html
State House Message Phone: (800) 423-2900
State House TTY Line: (207) 287-4469
Representing: District 32 – Cutler, Eastport, Lubec, Machias, Machiasport, Roque Bluffs and Whiting, plus the unorganized territory of Trescott Township
Party Affiliation: Republican

Senator: David Burns
Address: Whiting, ME 04691
(R) Senate District 29
Augusta Telephone: 207-287-1505
REPRESENTING: WASHINGTON COUNTY – Addison, Alexander, Baileyville, Baring Plantation, Beals, Beddington, Calais, Centerville, Charlotte, Cherryfield, Codyville Plantation, Columbia, Columbia Falls, Cooper, Crawford, Cutler, Danforth, Deblois, Dennysville, Marion Twp., No. 14 Twp., Edmunds Twp., Trescott Twp., East Machias, Eastport, Grand Lake Stream Plantation, Harrington, Jonesboro, Jonesport, Lubec, Machias, Machiasport, Marshfield, Meddybemps, Milbridge, No. 21 Twp., Devereaux Twp., Day Block, No. 27 Twp., Forest Twp., Forest City Twp., Kossuth Twp., Brookton Twp., Kilgore a/k/a T11-R3, Lambert Lake Twp., Dyer Twp., Fowler Twp., Northfield, Passamaquoddy Indian Township, Passamaquoddy Pleasant Point, Pembroke, Perry, Princeton, Robbinston, Roque Bluffs, Steuben, Talmadge, Topsfield, Vanceboro, Waite, Wesley, Whiting and Whitneyville.
HANCOCK COUNTY- 7 SD, DTT9, T10, T3ND, Eastbrook, Franklin, Great Pond, Osborn and Waltham.
PENOBSCOT COUNTY – Carroll Plantation, Drew Plantation, Lakeville, Prentiss Twp., and Whitney Twp. a/k/a T5-R1.
Committee: Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Judicary and Government Oversight